Friday, June 30, 2017

decluttering.... again and again

I grew up in a magical place. At least it seems like that now when I look back. I was a happy kid and felt loved. There was lots of fresh air and room to run and play outside. Woods to explore and a dirt road to ride my bicycle down. And just enough nice neighbors to play with...

I remember my best friend, Debbie. I think of her from time to time now... and wish I had been a better friend to her after I married and moved away... and even before that. She was a few years older than me and in many ways very different, but we were good friends. Since she was into collecting things and garage sales. I wasn't and have never been a collector. She was one to collect things... like old Avon bottles... she always had a lot of stuff around and whenever I'd call her and ask what she was doing she'd say, "I'm cleaning my room." Funny how that is a memory I now have of her.

I heard she died of cancer quite a few years ago and when I heard I felt very sad... and wrote her mother a note saying how very sorry I was....

The reason I write about her now is that I seem frequently be trying to "clean my room". I strive to get rid of extra clutter in my life, but there always seems to be more. I just did a internet search on "what to get rid of and declutter" right now to give me ideas. The lists made me want to open up drawers and cabinets and go through my closet and garage! Which I will do when I finish writing this!

I am always struggling with what to hold on to and what to let go of. In my home... and in my heart and life.

But decluttering just feels good. I long to live more simply and yet I still struggle with "should I really throw that out? I think I will use it" (though I haven't in years).

But back to the "really nice place to grow up" part. Yes, I am jumping from one thought to another and back again, but I'm still so thankful for my home on Goodale Road to this day and miss it. When I go back into my long-term memory storage bank it's filled with feelings of warmth and security. I will always be grateful to my parents for that. The house wouldn't be considered elaborate by any stretch of the imagination.... and I can hardly believe there was just one bathroom and for many years, no shower, just a bathtub. How did we all survive? In some ways I've become spoiled and a bit too expectant and impatient. One bathroom would still be considered a luxury in some parts of the world... even today.

Anyway.... off I go to do some more decluttering....

Just an early photo of my brother and me on our front steps. I just love those young faces!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

life in and around my neck of the woods.... in the month of June

Norman .... too tired and hot to go squirrel chasing

Cardinal coming to drink

Norman in the garden after the rain

Pippa exploring the little stones

Always taking the time to give Norman a pat or slap!

Five carolina wren eggs in a nest made in my flower planter

Pippa being cute

Baby birds hatched and ready to be fed!

"Who are you? You're not my mom... and you don't have worms."

Fledgling escaping

The bird family's home in the planter

Another fledgling ready to move on with life
Back patio flowers

Pippa the explorer


Paislee..... always sweet and happy

Monday, June 26, 2017

learn to let things go....

Live and Let Live

Learn to Let Go

These phrases are designed to help us keep peace and perspective and control in our lives.... not control of others, but control of our own personal emotions, tranquility, contentment and serenity.

Keeping a healthy balance is tough. For me anyway. It's something I have to work at and be aware of.

I was thinking about what it  means to Let Go... I know it doesn't mean we don't care. We care, but realize we can't fix things that aren't in our power, aren't our responsibility... and problems that aren't of our making.

There are many ways we can let go ...

Pay attention to what impacts your energy....

What drains me?
What rejuvenates me?
What exhausts me?
Depletes me?
What feeds me and charges me?

How do I feel when I eat certain foods?

Listen to my body.... emotions .... heart.

Let go of some things... i.e. people, places, activities, behaviors ....

And be gentle with yourself along the way.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

turning off the noise

It's true. 

I don't know how young people do it. The times are so different today than they were when I was younger and raising my family. It was simpler. There were less distractions. Young people today are pulled in many directions and never quiet and still. It's been so noticeable to me lately how everyone is walking around looking at their phone as they shop, as they take a walk, as they drive (oh God I wish this weren't so), as they do just about anything.  The world has so many things trying to pull us in and taking up our time that if we do not make a conscious effort to make it stop we will fall into that hectic way of life also. 

I think there has to be a change of heart and lifestyle at some point. The hectic and fast pace just can't be sustained over time. Burnout comes. Broken relationships, unhappy, frustrated, angry people without any peace seem to be increasing.

Just something I feel... and sense.... 

I've had to just say no lately and turn off the noise that just feels so heavy.

Facebook used to be a fun way to interact and keep up with friends. More simple. It's not fun anymore. Although I've tried using the tools to eliminate some of the "noise" and numerous ads (without success), it's become another thing that needs decluttering in my life, i.e. sorting through the meaningful and irrelevant or negative and discouraging to make room for something much better. Do I really need to see every comment a friend has made somewhere else... or something they have "liked"? I'm sure they don't want to see mine either.... 


So that brings me back to my original thought....which is.... 

The simpler my life... the happier I become.

.... and I'm happily shutting things down.... and letting them go.....