Sunday, July 7, 2019

a year of changes

It's been a whole year since I was able to move into this house and begin to make it my home. I've done quite a bit to the inside and I was able to put some photos side by side of the changes I've made to the outside as well. The before photos were taken when the house was at its best... when it was up for sale. When I moved in, it was a property full of weeds and stripped soil. Many areas had no grass at all. The only flowers on the property were annuals that were dead by the time I moved in.

I'm happy with a year of changes.

I installed river rock where standing water occurs during heavy rain... and a flower garden.

I had the driveway leveled and installed new grass. Also flowers next to the house and stepping stones.

Flower garden view off the deck

I had laminate decking installed over the concrete and some planting next to the house.

Stripped soil replaced with river rock. Also tree blew over in a storm.
View of patio decking built out further next to the photo with just concrete.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

changes come a little bit at a time

Last month (wow, was it only a month ago?!) I had my kitchen cabinets refinished and painted white and I couldn't be happier with the results. The look is more up to date and fresh and bright. I think I'm finished with the kitchen for now so I'm exhaling a bit and feel good. It's very satisfying.

Kitchen After cabinet refinishing

After refinishing and painting

Before photo with original oak cabinets

I've been in this home for nine months now and I feel pleased with the way I've transformed it from a nice sound structure to one that is now more beautiful and has much more evidence of TLC.  The yard, front and back, had zero thought put into it and really was a disaster. When I bought the property there were pretty flowers planted in the front, but they were annuals that were dead by the time I moved in over a month later. Weeds and the lack of upkeep was all I could see.

I really thought my "job" or work here was to make this space more beautiful and comfortable and one of peace and comfort. And so far I think it is!

Here are some garden photos just taken. There was absolutely NOTHING of beauty in the backyard before I moved in.

Lots of spring flowers and buds ready to open!

cucumber and tomato and spinach and peppers

Be it ever so humble....

Sunday, March 10, 2019

more home projects getting done

Still working on projects at my new home. I guess I can still call it my new home. I've been here for eight months now. I updated the living room fireplace by using a lime wash and was very happy with the results. One thing often leads to another and I bought a new rug to blend the existing colors throughout the room.

Before lime washing the red brick fireplace

Next project is painting the kitchen cabinets this week!!
Here is a before photo. They will be painted white.
I can't wait to have it done... 

Having fun!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

new year 2019, new home.... so thankful

Sometimes I think of the large home I sold and remember how nice it was to have that big house and yard, but this house is really what I need and what feels right for me at this time in my life. It's been fun to make it my cozy abode and I know I made the right decision to downsize. Here are some photos around the house.... master bedroom, guest room, living room, dining room, kitchen, grandchildren's playroom, office, etc..... in no real order. :)

Thank you for visiting! Let me know what you think. Should I paint the kitchen cabinets white? Should I limewash white the brick fireplace? It's still a loving work in progress. 

I love HOME, don't you?

I'm very happy here and so, so grateful.

Back patio




Guest Bedroom/Office

Office/Guest Bedroom

Office/Guest Bedroom

Front Entry

Dining Room

Living Room




Breakfast room/back door

Guest/Children's play room

Guest/Children's play room


Front Entry