Tuesday, March 7, 2017

cool breezes and safety

The air is cool as it filters though my window right now. If anyone can tell me why this gives me such joy I would really like to know. The fresh air... the coolness ... it delights me and makes me feel cleansed and renewed. I feel safe and loved somehow. I know... that seems kind of silly.

These cool days are in decline. Spring and Summer days will be here in Texas sooner rather than later....  so I savor the cool breezes of today...  and want to drink them in. There must be something in my past... my delightful childhood days that bring me back to this feeling .... I want to stay here. I feel secure. I feel wrapped up in warmth as this cold chill meets me ....

I felt safe as a child. I grew up feeling safe. I want every child to feel safe and loved as they grow.

Oh God. May it be so.