Thursday, December 31, 2015

new year thoughts

Thinking today about 2015. Many of us are since it IS New Year's Eve! A wonderful time to reflect. I tend not to make New Year's resolutions. But if you could call it that I will make the same one every year... to be better, do better, be more mindful, more present, more self aware, more wise ... than I was the previous year.

2015 seems to be a year that was characterized by everyone being "offended" by something.

This past year was odd... everywhere you turned someone was offended as though they were personally assaulted. Resentment and anger ran amuck! So many took things very personally even if they were not directly involved. They had to express the fact that they were offended.

I just choose to not let others opinions and choices which are different than mine steal my joy, peace of mind or threaten my belief system. I don't have to be offended by or hate them for opposing views or choices.

I was always perplexed and wondered why. Why are you allowing yourself to get personally offended?

I have learned, maybe the hard way, that I have little control over others' choices. The only control I have, if you want to even call it that, is to live my life the best I possibly can. Not to set out to be an example to others (that's doomed to fail), but to just live a way I can be happy with, content with, and feel good about. If my example is good that's all the better...

I've also learned that sometimes our very BEST can offend others. If someone wants to be offended they will be offended. Nothing will stop them! They will usually look for the worst in others and point it out and often take things out of context ... maybe even twist the truth. Not sure why. I imagine it has something to do with unresolved hurts and issues in their own lives. 

But a new year is almost here. Today I wanted to reflect some. I began the day with tears. Tears and hurt for those I love. Wanting to take them in my arms and make everything better for them, but not having that power. So I will end 2015 with hope and prayer and faith. Because I do have at least a mustard seed amount of faith so I guess I'll be okay....

So what are my goals? Resolutions? Just to be happy. Seek peace and pursue it. Live with purpose. Don't fret, but have belief that things will work out the way it's supposed to. Live. Live. Live... with lots of gratitude.

Happy New Year to all!