Wednesday, June 22, 2016

how to change a lightbulb

DIY projects aren't all they're cracked up to be. I mean how hard could it be (and what could go wrong?) to change a lightbulb using one of those bulb changing kits with "bonus attachments"? Oh, let me count the ways!

Go to Lowes. Buy Bulb Changing Kit because lightbulb outside my front door is way, way, super-duper high above me and my highest ladder. Buy new bulb.
Go home and see wasps flying around near the outlet. Use attachment and said Kit to unscrew burned out bulb with much effort and saying a few words I can never take back. Look at bulb and see immediately I bought the wrong replacement. 
Return to Lowes to exchange.
Back home again and attempt to screw in correct size using said attachment. Once bulb gets screwed in the attachment cannot be pulled off unless the whole light unit comes with it.. which it did… thus bringing down years of debris, dirt, mud dauber nests, dead bugs and who knows what else onto my sweaty body. 
Finally unscrew bulb again and decide to use a different attachment, the suction type, thinking I’m so smart and now it will be a piece of cake.
Screw in bulb again while on a ladder with bulb changing kit suction attachment and cannot get the suction attachment to let go of bulb once it’s in the proper place.
Finally, miraculously, it detaches, but bulb does not go on with brilliant light as I had anticipated.
I get the bright idea that maybe if I flick the switch OFF then ON again it will reset somehow… IT DID!!!! 
I have success!
Last but not least I spray up there to get rid of the wasps and of course some of the dangerous chemicals come spraying down on my dirty sweaty body.
I quickly take a shower… and now I’m drinking my afternoon coffee!
End of story! Oh except next time, I'll think of hiring a handyman.