Sunday, June 26, 2011

a gentle breeze

I believe there is so much more than just the “seen”.  I believe in God though I cry out to Him and express my confusion.  And angels. And spiritual forces. I know there is a power at work in the world.  But I still question.  I’m not gullible.  I’m not quick to believe everything I hear.  I’m a bit of a skeptic. 

That’s why I think what happened last night is pretty remarkable.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday night, Edd and I hightailed it to the ER, because he got very sick.  Long (ever so long) story short, he had an intestinal blockage.  The doctors didn’t know the reason.  Because of previous surgeries he’s had it could be caused by any number of things.  Adhesions.  Scar tissue.  More cancer.  Chemo medication side effects.  Change of diet … or a combination of these things.  Days went by with no change… and he got sicker to the point where a tube was put through the nose to the stomach to remove fluid that kept piling up and making him sick.

After four days my hope was hanging on by a thread.  He hadn’t eaten for five days. I went home to bed last night full of despair and dread not knowing how this was going to play out.  I got down on my knees before crawling into bed and had little strength to mouth a prayer but muttered, “Please God”, and cried “Mercy”, and …. just bowed in silent submission… That was all I had left in me.
At 4 am I awakened.  I felt peaceful, then remembering the situation, the reality, felt the same dread wash over me like a wave of the ocean.  It was very real and very physical.  I got up and pleaded more to God. It’s all I knew to do.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.  A little after 6 am I received a text from Edd saying the blockage was finally relieving.  Finally his body was responding and beginning to work properly again.   It was the miracle we could only hope for!  We were amazed and thankful to God.. and expressed it verbally to one another over the phone.  My body was profoundly physically relieved and I felt an enormous heavy weight lifted.  I experienced an amazing … REST.

Later when Edd’s mom (who is visiting now) woke, I excitedly told her the good news and she expressed another event that occurred overnight. “I woke up at 4:30 and it was as if fireworks went off in front of me. I saw hundreds of little feathers flowing down from the sky, fluttering…. lots of little feathers… it was a very vivid experience”.  My mother-in-law is a religious person, but very no-nonsense.  I said perplexed… “you woke at 4:30?  I woke abruptly at 4… What a ‘coincidence’.”
Edd said the change within him had occurred between 2 and 6 am.

If that wasn’t remarkable enough to me, I was even more convinced of Divine intervention when Edd revealed his own experience.  Immediately after he realized the obstruction was removed, he cried out from his hospital bed, “Thank you God!” with intense earnestness.  At that moment he felt a wind on the top of his head and a gentle brushing, a fluttering… There have been no breezes in this hospital room.  There is no fan blowing air around. My husband is an engineer.  He is not one to see things that aren’t there.  He’s very analytical.  He BELIEVES it was an affirmation of God at work and His presence.

I do too.

(This is a special and heart-felt THANK YOU to all those who are praying for us.  You know who you are… and I am most appreciative.)


  1. Oh this had me in tears. God is so so good! Prayer is so powerful. I am so happy to hear the blockage passed and you all are able to feel some peace and rest! Y'all are never out of my thoughts <3

  2. Great news :) And great to hear how God is working in so many people's lives!

  3. What a miracle!! Wow.

    Praying he starts to feel much better soon!

  4. God is amazing! I will continue to pray for all of you! Thank you for your openness to share your experiences. It ministers to more people then you probably know.

  5. God is AMAZING, he truly works in mysterious ways. Be strong in your faith, because through him everything is possible.

    My prayers to Edd, you and family :)

  6. I had a very dear person in my life growing up who would tell me when I was worried or frightened, 'The Lord may not be there when you want Him, but He's always right on time".

    So happy you and Edd are feeling His grace today.

    Prayers still blowing your way...

  7. Hi Kathi,
    I'm a (blog) friend of Jenni's, and I've been following along on your story, though this is the first time that I am commenting. I hope you know that through Jenni, you have an army of blog-friends thinking of you all and lifting Edd and your family up in prayer. When I first learned about Edd's condition, my heart sank and I felt a deep and tangible sadness for all that you're going through. But then an amazing thing happened, because I saw so many of Jenni's friends pulling together, sending positive thoughts and saying prayers for your entire family, and through all of the sadness and strife, I realized that prayer is so powerful and it really does change things.
    I never claim to know answers and I feel that God speaks to us--and answers our prayers in His own way and time--but I also want you to know that I see a beautiful thing happening to your family. It warms my heart to see the word "God" written and spoken both here and on Jenni's blogs and her tweets. I love that the experiences you, your mother-in-law, Edd and Jenni had, all surreptitiously involved heartfelt prayers to God, who (as always and without fail) answered. And I thank you for sharing your experience with others; I truly believe that speaking about your faith and sharing these otherwise intimate and emotional moments about your family are reaching more people than you can imagine.
    I have grown to love Jenni (in a non-creepy, blogger sort of way!) and because of her, I am keeping Edd and your entire family in my prayers. I think of your family and I pray for peace, clarity, understanding, health and healing...and I hope that you all continue to find strength in Him.


  8. Oh Kathi, I'm so relieved to hear this!!! God is unfailingly faithful and truly amazing!!! I'm continuing to pray for all of you!!

  9. Wow. I have chills from my head to my toes after reading this. Just wow!

  10. This is such an amazing story. I'm so happy to hear Edd is feeling better and things are looking more positive. :)

  11. truly a miracle! so happy that Edd is feeling better, but always praying for your family!

  12. I found your blog through your daughter's blog and I've been keeping up to date with your posts, especially those about Edd. Although I don't know either of you personally, I've been praying for you and I'm honestly so, so relieved at this miracle. It can be hard to understand why God 'lets' certain things happen sometimes, but things like this reaffirm my belief. I will continue to pray for and think about you and your family. xx

  13. Dear Dear Kathi and Edd,
    I'm so so happy God is listening to our prayers. I just read your blog and was crying with tears of releif to know Edd is feeling better. What an awful ordeal for you and Edd. Your signs that God is listening are a comfort too. God bless you and Edd and his Mother.........I'll never stop praying...... I love you...XXXXXXX

  14. Kathi, this post gave me chills! So amazing.

  15. So thankful that God is working in Edd....continuous prayers for you and Edd!

  16. hi Kathi,

    what a positive force you and Edd both are. i honestly don't know how either of you would get up each morning to greet the day when so many things hung in the balance and have caused such pain. strength of love divine is what you have and it's evident in the way you write and the looks on your faces when side by side.

    i felt goosebumps all over my body from reading your universal conspiracy of a circumstance. i do believe in miracles and a unseen connection between souls who so profoundly love. yours is a triumph of spirit and i'm so happy for you both that something GOOD has happened, a true blessing. my prayers are with you all. ♥