Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just a really good day

I’m so happy.  It was just a really good day.

My wonderful husband went to see a movie with his son, Eric, and I was left to myself…. and I am never one to be wanting for something to do.

When we moved into our home here in Austin 2 1/2 years ago we had rooms to fill and decorate.  I love making cozy-looking rooms that are comfortable for people to be in. One of my guest rooms was nice but the bed didn’t have a headboard.  My own bedroom was using the queen–sized headboard for our king-sized bed.  I looked high and low for a king-sized headboard that I liked, even looked at many ideas for making my own, but nothing seemed to work out just right.  And I was NOT going to spend hundreds of dollars on one.   Unfortunately that was the cost of those I really liked.

Today I went to a wonderful store in a nearby town that was filled with special furniture items.  NICE furniture… and I was on a quest.  And there it was.  The headboard I envisioned.  Simple.  Quality wood. And only $99! 

I bought it immediately… and it did the trick!

I took the queen-sized headboard from behind our king-sized bed and paired it with the footboard that has been stored in the garage and connected it to the guest room bed.  Yay!  Here it is!

bedrooms 022

We put the king-sized headboard with the king-sized bed!  Perfect!

bedrooms 016

I love when things work out!!

I even got to spend time with Jenni and take some pictures around town.  Really and truly… just a fun day!




I know.  I look awful.. but it was as hot as $#@% outside !!

And… did I mention, it was a really good day?!



  1. So glad you're happy Mom. :) You did a great job with your new goodies! And my pictures!! :)

  2. What a great find! It looks awesome!

    Love the pictures of you and Jenni!

    btw Jenni, your outfit is simply to die for! LOVE IT!

  3. Wow, $99 what a steal!! It looks great! I love how close you and Jenni are - it seems like ya'll spend a lot of time together. It warms my heart to see that kind of mom-daughter relationship. It fills me with hope. (o:

  4. Very nice post Kathi! I love it when a day comes together like that. Your home looks very inviting & I can tell how much you & Jenni enjoy each other's company! You deserve many more "nice day"s!

  5. I need to come some time and sleep in that cozy looking guest room! I always love how you decorate your home and make it like home away from home for your guests. Man I miss you friend.

  6. Hi Kathi
    I love your new headboard and your new guestroom decorations. I can't wait to come visit you again.
    As you can see I fginally got my Google Account fixed. My email brouser was not on the right settings. It's fixed now. Whew!

    "Hugs"... I love you