Monday, June 20, 2011

Love that was meant to be

My funny husband... While watching a commercial last night he said how glad he was that he met me because he'd probably either be single today or married to someone he didn't like anymore!!

We really are blessed to have found each other. I mean, what were the chances? He lived in Lakeway (Austin). I lived in San Antonio an hour and a half away. I remember the first email I received from him. It said something like "Ouch. Your picture is very attractive. It hurts to look at you." I liked him from the start. It's especially nice to know now that he doesn't say things he doesn't mean. He's not one to just feed me a line, although that one instantly made me smile.

We almost lost touch forever because we both stopped writing for about a month thinking the other just wasn't interested and dropped out of contact on purpose. Out of the blue I got another email saying he was still interested and was trying to reach out again if I was available. Along with the email came an attached picture of him standing with his two sons. He had cute legs.... blue eyes.... and a nice smile.

We wrote to each other for two months before meeting in person. He invited me to meet him at a Dave Matthews Band concert but I declined. I think I was a little afraid to meet this nice man so quickly. That and our email relationship was so fun and supportive and friendly and sweet. I looked forward to getting emails from him and telling him about my day, my thoughts, my challenges.... and hearing about his. He just seemed to "get it" and we clicked... through email anyway. We knew there were sparks in our email relationship. But we were a little afraid of what meeting would do. Would there be a spark in person? Relationships are complex and chemistry is tricky. I knew we both had high expectations coupled with unspoken fears of being disappointed!

My divorce was final in July of that year and we finally agreed to meet for dinner the next month. We were writing so long (Edd's opinion) that he said he was beginning to get carpal tunnel syndrome and if I didn't agree to dinner he would come to San Antonio and start knocking on doors till he found mine. He said if I wanted to spare his knuckles I should agree to dinner! I did. It was a wonderful date with dinner and wine and great conversation. The next day I asked him if he thought there was a spark and he said, "Are you kidding? Sparks were coming out of my ears!" What a sweetie. We've been a couple ever since.

The next four years consisted of seeing one another every other weekend. Edd would drive down from Austin on a Friday night and stay the weekend in a hotel somewhere in San Antonio. Those Fridays were the highlight of my week! He stayed in nice hotels downtown on the Riverwalk and others throughout the city. He spent a lot of money and put in a lot of time and work and effort to come to see me. His visits were like clockwork. He said he knew if this relationship worked out all the effort, time driving back and forth, and money would be a small token and well worth it! It was....

He was, and is, a true-blue kind of guy. Steady. Loyal. Committed. A great planner. Present. Emotionally available. Protective. Everything I needed then... and everything I need now.


  1. This was so flippin sweet!!! Awwwwwww!!! But I can't BELIEVE Edd said that "ouch..." line about your picture!! How corny!!!! BAHAHAHAHHA!!! I really enjoyed this one, Mom. :)

  2. Kathi, what a sweet story! Thank you for sharing this part of your life.