Saturday, June 18, 2011

thoughts on fathers... love for mine

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.

I'm blessed with a father who is a good man. The bad examples seem plentiful today but I have parents who have found a way to stick it out even when life gets hard and things aren't perfect.

I think one of the best things about my childhood is that it was normal. Not perfect, not rich, not poor. But I felt safe. And loved. Always loved. It truly has given me the ability to easily love in return.

My earliest memories of my dad involve visions of faithfulness. An early riser who always found ways to stay busy and productive. Laziness wasn't on exhibit in the home I grew up in. To me he seemed to always be digging something up in the yard, painting, working on the car, mowing, planting, chopping wood, building...fixing something….  then enjoying a sporting event on TV or taking a well-deserved nap. He is a man who showed me a good example of the value of hard work.

Some of my memories are vivid.

Like the one of him shoveling our long driveway after a snowstorm and sprinkling salt and sand so we wouldn't slip and get hurt, digging out the cars so he could leave for work even though school was called off and we all got to stay home.

Like when he and I went hunting for a Christmas tree one year and found a cedar in the woods and dragged it quite a distance home. After he put the lights on, we all decorated it like we did every year but boy did it smell wonderful!

Like how we would go to church every Sunday morning, stop for rolls and donuts (and the newspaper) on the way home and then eat bacon and egg sandwiches.

Like how I always felt safe as a little girl in the back seat of the car when my daddy was driving us home late at night after a visit to my grandparent's or aunt's house.


I am glad I had a faithful father who valued the right things in life because it made me want to value them too. My dad never wanted much "stuff" for himself. He always enjoyed the simple pleasures like a great cooked meal, wonderful dessert, family times with a beer, a fresh cup of coffee or nice glass of wine. A relaxing family vacation.  He loved… and loves… my beautiful wonderful mom and has been married to her for over 50 years.  I was always proud of him.  I still am.

Jenni and her grandpa

I know life wasn't always easy either as he worked hard to provide for his family, but his example of faithfulness and hard work is an invaluable gift he has given to me... And I will always be grateful.

Me and my dad


  1. What a wonderfull way to thank your father. He always took care of us and always puts his family first in his heart.

  2. Lovely tribute to your dad. Feeling safe and loved in your home growing up is such a gift - what each and everyone of us needs as a child. That made me smile. (o:

  3. Your post on your farher for father's Day meant a lot to him.
    We just take those things for granted but it's a big deal to the men in our lives. Well said Kathi... Thank you