Monday, June 20, 2011


Today is our anniversary. We started the day off with an early- morning maintenance appointment with some workers knocking on our door. Edd said the four year anniversary is "windows and gutters" and I believed him. Who needs jewelry when there are (rather large) plants growing in your gutters? 

It seems longer than four years though. We have been together for almost eight. From our first date Edd has been a fixed, stable, solid part of my life. He always put in many hours at work, but when we were together he put all of that aside to focus on us.

Being there and being available is one of the greatest gifts we can give to those we love. Jenni even recognized its importance in a beautiful card she gave to him recently expressing gratitude for "being around and being constant."  Exactly.

It’s been a rocky road.  Not smooth and care free. Living with cancer is not a detour we would have chosen.   But it’s been a road we are bumping along together on.  Sometimes the bumps throw us high in our seats as we continue the journey, but even if there isn’t an easier road to turn onto we will weather it together. The anniversary card I gave to him said that "a lot of things have changed since we got married, but you're still the man of my dreams. And you always will be." Truth.

Oh … and along with the window and gutter cleaning, he also gave me three pretty stackable rings that I had my eye on!

father's day and anniversary 021


  1. Ooooh! Pretty rings. :) Glad you didn't ONLY get a window and gutter cleaning! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad you got something fun and not just practical. (o; Have fun celebrating!

  3. Happy sweet, anniversary day to you two!

  4. Happy Anniversery Kathi and Edd... The rings are beautiful!! Have a enjoyable time celebrating your love... Love Always...
    Mom and Dad

  5. Happy Anniversary to a larger than life couple!!! I've been catching up on your blog... and I just think you are ... just like your daughter... the BEAUTIFUL REAL DEAL!!! sending you my love and thoughts and prayers today. and tell that Edd that he's got impeccable taste!!!