Monday, April 14, 2014

life means change

Thankfully, I don't feel like everyone has to agree with me as I may have in my youth.  Seemed more important then when I was young and insecure and needed to believe in a definite "this way or that way" as being the "only" way.  I was forming my opinions, determining what I believed was truth, and defining my convictions.

There are those very close to me who I just listen to.  I don't give my opinion unless asked.  I try to support, encourage, embrace... but I don't have to badger them into believing the same way or the same things as me.

I've seen people badger others though... and it can be ugly.

How we alienate people who we should be loving when we do that.  I have seen people go for years without speaking because they don't know how to put differences aside and just allow themselves to agree to disagree.

Grudges.  What a waste of time.  Sometimes the waste of a life.

What does it matter anyway in the long run?  Not much usually.

Sometimes we need to be painfully honest though if relationships become uncomfortable and we are not true to who we are.  I believe in kindness winning out over telling the whole truth often, but then again sometimes it's more kind in the long run to be completely truthful.  Those are decisions we make every day.

It doesn't make much difference to me to be "right" anymore though.   What I mean by that is that I don't have to make everyone believe the same way I do.  I just have to have peace about my own decisions and beliefs and live them out as honestly as I know how.   I don't get any enjoyment out of arguing a point or thinking I've changed someone's mind.  It's just not that important to me.

I choose peace.

But I do think it's important that the people we love know we love them.... and my greatest joy is knowing they are leading lives that bring them fulfillment, peace and happy moments.

"Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more… to give way to the happiness of the person you love."  -Winnie the Pooh

On another note…. 

What a day today has been!

I woke up to a calm and still morning and within minutes a cold wind blew in and springtime began to receive a severe beating.

Now it's cold and blustery.

Sometimes change comes subtly and sometimes it's abrupt.  Days can be like that.  Lives can be like that.  Sometimes change is welcomed… sometimes it's not.

But be sure of one thing…. change does come…..

Makes things interesting!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

recipe of the week #4

Now this is my idea of a salad.

The greens were picked this morning at a local farm.  Baby arugula, romaine, and other baby greens.  I'm not fond of dressing; I'd rather have cottage cheese on the side sprinkled with a few sunflower seeds.

Add some pan-seered salmon, tomatoes, black olives, red onion and you've got yourself a healthy meal for lunch or dinner.  Who needs to eat out when you can make a meal like this at home?

Always makes me feel good!