Monday, September 21, 2009

Finding... when ceasing to seek....

Sometimes we seek and seek and seek .... and we do not find. Sometimes we find when we aren't even seeking. That's sometimes even more fun! ... and that's what happened to me over the weekend.

Some days are etched in our memories forever. These are days or moments that have made a big impact on us, and we remember details as though they happened yesterday. That's the way I feel about October 31, 2008.

It was the day I packed up my car and moved from San Antonio to Austin. A stressful day yet a fun day! Edd and I had just bought our first house together and it was my last day of work in San Antonio after getting layed off. I was on my way to officially live in our new home. Edd and I had been married over a year, but until this day we lived in separate homes and commuted to both. I was excited... and it was Halloween. We bought lots of candy. I bought a witches hat and we had dozens, probably hundreds of trick-or-treaters! Moms in the neighborhood introduced themselves and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Everyone was very friendly.

Afterwards Edd suggested we do something crazy like go down to 6th Street and see the Austin scene on Halloween night. So we did. It WAS crazy, but we had fun (won't do it again on Halloween night though!). I grabbed my contact lenses because I couldn't find my glasses, and we hurried out the door ....and... I never did see my glasses again.

I had them on when I drove into our garage upon first arriving and never left the house with them. I knew they were in our home somewhere and I often told Edd over the last year that they would turn up some day!!! I looked high and low never finding them... but held out hope they'd turn up... They had to be ... somewhere. Didn't they?

Well they appeared this last weekend! Almost a year later. I was taking out the fall decorations and lifted my witches hat from the decorations box and there they were ... tangled in the long black hair attached to that hat!! As soon as I felt something stuck in the hair the thought of my long-lost glasses popped into my head and I just knew what I had found before even seeing them! I was especially excited because the glasses I bought to replace them months ago recently broke... and I never did like them as much!


  1. What a fun story!! How fun that you guys went out to sixth street on Halloween - I love that you are up for anything!!! And how funny that you found your glasses almost a year later. (o:

  2. How funny that you found your glasses after so much time, but sounds like the timing was perfect!!

  3. Awww glad you found your glasses! Cute story :)