Saturday, July 5, 2014

life whispers

It's hard when you realize you just can't change a difficult situation belonging to someone you love. When you finally realize that it's beyond your control.  When you've tried and tried and given and given and have come near to losing your own health with worry  …. But it's true… you have to let go of it.

I guess you have to let those you love live life on their own terms.  As long as they know (and you know) the consequences are theirs too.

I have found that…. life whispers… and if you don't listen … it gets louder.    Some people aren't good at listening to whispers … Maybe they don't like to be that cautious.  They need adventure and risk.  But listening often keeps us from making bad choices.  Not always… ahhh… we learn from our mistakes too, but the times I've ignored the whispers, things did not go well.

And life is about choice.

We can't take on the heaviness that someone else has created by their wrong choices… We cannot take on the heaviness of their consequences.   Especially when we have given our all in trying to help and mentor and coach and … sometimes even rescue.  Our hearts will literally be torn up.  We can't sacrifice our life for someone who seems to want to waste theirs… as sad as that is…

Ah, but we can pray.   We can love and we can hope.  Situations can change, but usually it's not because of us.  It's because of something outside of our own influence and control.

God doesn't want us to lose our joy.  The joy that life is … and all that life contains!

So let's learn to let go.  Let's learn to say no.  And enough.  … And learn to listen to the whispers before they get too loud.


  1. I think I found you through Becky Povich, but however I found you, I'm glad I did. I really needed the reminder of what you have written today.

    When I am powerless to change situations, I can still pray. God can still work in the other person' life. I need to trust him to do so.

    Patti @ Magnolia Cottage

    1. Thank you so much Patti for stopping in … and for your comment. Oh, boy, do I ever need the reminder in my own life! I think many of us know someone, or a situation, that can bring us to a fearful place and it's not where we are meant to be! Hoping you have a wonderful day!

  2. Love this post, Kathi! I've become a huge fan of listening to whispers. I'm not always the best listener but I'm getting better. It does take practice, but you get the best guidance when you're able to hear it and heed. And you're right - when it comes to others, sometimes the only thing left to do is pray. And that works very well too. Prayer is such a powerful tool.
    I hope you're doing well - I'm trying to be more consistent in my blogging but it doesn't always work.

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  4. Yes, life whispers and when ignored for too long sometimes it yells!