Wednesday, April 15, 2015

truths that came with clarity

You can't know what is in someone's mind so don't even try.... It's hard
to understand what motivates another.
 It's clearly impossible to know what others are really thinking...
So, again... Live and Let Live.
There are some things we cannot understand.

While walking along the Oregon coast and observing such strength and power,
the thought and prayer came to me...
"Please help me to see Your power in my life the way I do here as I watch and listen
to the waves of the ocean"...

We absolutely cannot change another person. Even if we see them destroying their life.
Only God can do that. I don't think anything outside of yourself can help
in any lasting way if you aren't committed
within your own self to change.

And the result is.... Peace....

There are things in life we need to make peace with....
and our lives will be better when we do.

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