Sunday, November 28, 2010

A nice beginning to the holiday season

It was a nice, warm and cozy Thanksgiving. I did miss my daughters and other precious family members, but I don't expect perfection anymore. I try to just go with what is. I accept imperfect situations. Imperfect people. Imperfect ME. I continue to learn from others. I am learning from the journey I'm on. I am thankful for life. As it IS. I have little control over the things that happen around me... but my responses to what happen are mine. I will continue to strive to be a better ME! :-)

It's important to learn new things every day..... but it's also important to relearn something old! I was reminded over the weekend how I want to be others oriented. I think the way to show you care is to focus on others and not just your own problems. I see people who are very self absorbed... it's all about them and their small world. Always has been. Probably always will be. How thankful I am for examples I've had in my life of selfless people who have a genuine concern for the people in their lives. Oh, God, don't ever allow me to be so into myself that I don't reach out to someone else with concern, interest and love. I think of precious people in my family who look outward ... reaching out to others. To me. People who have always made me feel loved... and validated. They have cared. My brother Rick. Nancy. My parents.... Good examples. I'm not sure why I've thought of my immediate family so much this weekend, but I realized how much I appreciate the way they show love in a way I can relate to. Some people are just all about others... some people are all about themselves.

We came home from our Thanksgiving trip and I put my energy and efforts into decorating our 9-foot Christmas tree! Dragging out the Christmas decorations was even fun! I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it this year. It is beautiful and just came together perfectly! I bought a few new ornaments, but didn't have to spend a fortune. The "old" tree fit perfectly in the dining room too, so we have two Christmas trees decorated in the house this year.

My sweet husband went out this evening and brought home a delicious pizza and we enjoyed it with a nice cabernet sauvignon. It's a lovely evening at home. These are some of my simple thoughts and musings tonight as I sit in the living room .....surrounded by the beauty of hundreds of white lights, Christmas music freshly downloaded and playing from my ipod, and the warm glow of the fireplace. I am full of gratitude.

Peace. Be still. Enjoy. Live.


  1. This made me soooooooo happy to read!! Love you mom!!! :) :)

  2. Reading this post and seeing the pictures of your elegant and cozy home made me feel warm inside. I"m glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day.

    And pizza and wine and Christmas music with the husband - sounds lovely and relaxing.