Monday, June 18, 2012

five years ago

They hopped on a plane.  He was so sure.  She had no doubts.   They both knew this was a love that was going to stick around for the long haul.  No reservations.  For better or for worse.  There were no fears.  Not even one. 

We tried to think of a way to bring everyone together to celebrate our love, this precious union, but in the end felt the best thing to do would be to celebrate in a private intimate way.  So off to Las Vegas we went.  A place that held great memories for us....

We landed.  As always he got us the best.  My parents called the hotel before we even arrived and arranged beautiful roses to be delivered to our room ... and champagne!!  As always with this man... it was magic.  We were magic together.

They took a nap when they got to their room.... After a busy work week they rested first ... yet they were soo eager.  They headed to the courthouse ... hand in hand ... "Are you ready?"  said he.  "I am SO ready" said she.  They made their way... giddy with such a sense of rightness... and ... comfort... and ease... the happiness they felt when they were together... with love overflowing.   They had felt as one long before the actual marriage day.  They knew it was right.

And it was meant to be. 

It was 5 years ago .... this very week in June.


  1. What a beautiful way to honor your anniversary!

  2. What wonderful memories! I hope you get some joy from revisiting those memories this week, Kathi.

  3. And you carry this love in your heart forever...

  4. A lovely tribute to a lovely man. I like that you're making a written account. Writing can really help clear your thoughts and also soothe your heart. You two have something quite special, and no one should ever settle for less.

  5. this is beautiful. Hugs to you friend.

  6. Oh, Mom... I somehow missed this, and forgot about your anniversary. I'm so sorry. I love you...