Wednesday, July 17, 2013

rainy days are nice around here

Loving the rain we've had this week.  I noticed that the outside temperature is often lower than the inside temperature and that is pretty unusual for mid-July in Texas.  Even throughout the night the thermometer rarely goes below 76 this time of year.   The parched ground is getting a good soaking and somehow it just does my soul good as well.

My poor daughter and son-in-law though.  They are desperately wanting to see more progress on the building of their house so they don't have to live with me for the next five years!!!  The foundation was going to be poured this week.  Don't know whether that was possible with this rain.  Oh, the uncontrollable things of life!   We were all cozy and comfy inside today ... although I heard a strange high-pitched noise and in my confused state (which I find myself in quite regularly actually!) I went to different places in the house to just ... listen intently... What the ... what IS that?  ... and where is it coming from... Then it hit me!

I had recently bought an alarm and put it in the water heater pan up in the attic.  If my water heater begins to leak the alarm will let me know before any water damage can occur in the lower levels of the house.   Nifty little device actually.   So I rushed up the attic ladder to find a bit of water from the roof dripping into the pan of the water heater!!  I mean, really, what were the chances of that?!!  The water heater was fine, but the roof was leaking a little bit right into the water heater pan below!  Practically dripping on the water alarm!  Oh, the joys of being a home owner.  It's always something.

Talked to my dad too.... He of course is still going through his own hell of missing my mom...  It's good for him to talk about her... and just be told he's normal to feel such sadness.  He told me he had a really bad night a couple nights ago and couldn't sleep so he got up around midnight.  Said he decided to make pancakes!!  Made 22 of them!!!  Said he was really on a roll!  I couldn't help but burst out laughing and he laughed too... and laugh we did.  I'm sure it wasn't funny to him at the time, but when you share it with someone else you can kind of find the humor in it... Now I think it will be our little joke to make us laugh when we need to.  I'm thankful for the healing properties in laughter!

But it was a good day.  After a nice dinner of chicken made in the crock pot, I thought the day would end perfectly if we ran up the street to Austin Scoops.  Some Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream with crushed Reese's peanut butter cup made for a good ending... topped off with a cup of chamomile and mint tea to close out the day!


  1. Oh my goodness, that ice cream sounded so good! I'll have to search out that place next time I'm in Austin for a visit.
    I'm glad your dad was able to find his Pancake Therapy. Whatever works, I say. Sometimes we find comfort in the most mundane things. Doing them tells us we're still OK.

  2. Icecream in the summer, nothing is better!

  3. A leaky roof is indeed a headache! You have to fix it right away or it will surely cause more damage to your roofing system. If it's just minor, then maybe you can fix it by yourself. Hiring a professional to take the load off of you is still better though.

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