Thursday, August 29, 2013

favorite things this week....

New friends ..... happy hour or a movie out, lunch gatherings  .... 

I rediscovered Hawthorne... as in Nathaniel .... and I'm enjoying reading his short stories.... liking the moral allegories and thought-provoking tales.  Last read was "The Ambitious Guest".

Also rediscovered the library (surely my librarian mom is pleased, right?).... and free audio books.... Listening to something good feeds my mind and makes me laugh depending on what I'm listening to! 

Exercising ... (oh why can't I be a tad more consistent?)  I probably do better than most... but not as good as I should.

Reducing the "noise" in my life.

Quotes.... I love 'em!...... Here are some favorites this week....(all by Robert Brault)

"The toughest test of good judgment is to know 
when to withhold your better judgment."

"It can be a lifelong battle to try to love someone 
through the chinks in their armor."

"A river never beats its head against obstacles.  
It always goes around, and it always gets to the sea."

"Two raindrops, flung from the heavens, merge on a windowpane.  
A chance meeting?  Tell it to the two raindrops."

and my favorite....
The mind, as you age,
Is an artist, it seems.
Monet paints your mem'ries,
Picasso your dreams. 

Ah... I relate.....

Favorite story....

The story celebrates love.  The best kind of love.  Loyal and enduring.  I wish our society honored older people more.  Much more.   Many feel they've been forgotten.  We need to slow down, be polite and considerate ... show kindness.... and listen to their stories.   This story touched me so much..... there are many like him.  Many older folks feel invisible....and that breaks my heart....


"It is not necessary to be strong in every place if in the place you are vulnerable, you are loved."


  1. Loved the quote on the picture, so true!

  2. Well, now I have tears running down my face... First of all, I'm a huge fan of Robert Brault and then that sweet video of Fred and his Sweet Lorraine just did me in. What a beautiful love story. And I agree - our older folks are wonderful people to sit down next to, and pass some time with. What they have to say is alternately inspiring, wise, funny - but always worth a listen. Thanks for this post, Kathy - it made my heart hurt a little, but in a good way.
    And I think I may just buy that song to remind me how beautiful and eternal love is.

  3. Kathi, thanks for making me a part of this. Loved the video. So grateful to have you and Karen as "fans." rb

  4. Kathi, thanks for making me a part of this. Loved the video. So grateful to have you and Karen as "fans." rb

  5. That was a really nice post, left me feeling somehow peaceful. I like when you post quotes--you have a knack for picking such relevant ones! I bet your librarian mother is just smiling down on you, so happy you have rediscovered that treasure called the public library.