Friday, October 18, 2013

random statements, questions and observations.... for a friday evening....

Life is too short to be motivated by anything but love.  Sometimes I think things through too much and lose site of the best priority.... just love and leave the results to God.

I choose to embrace and celebrate my life with courage.  Edd offered me tons of courage through his example, his love for me.... and his trust and confidence in me.

Cultivate infectious joy?  I saw that on a bumper sticker recently.  What does that mean actually?

The worst thing you can do to a person is make them feel invisible.  Like they are not even worth your time.  Validate people.

Some relationships are corrosive.... little by little people are being minimalized.  You shouldn't allow anyone to make you feel that way.  We need to accept the significant people in our lives and love them right where they are.  We don't have the power to change anyone, but we have the power to change ourselves.

I did something hard today.  I sorted through some more belongings of my husband's that needed to go to Goodwill.  No one has been there to help.  Some things you have to go through alone I guess.  But I did it and got through it reverently... till the next time.  It still hurt though as if I lost him yesterday.

We draw to us what we are... call that the law of attraction or whatever... but we are like magnets to those who identify with us or want what we project.  You want good people in your life?  Be that!  It can be a good thing when people drop out of our lives....

It's not that I miss Edd any less, it's just that a heart cannot maintain that level of grief for long and be able to be healthy or sane.   You cannot function at that level of grief forever so you have to let some of it go and disengage....  I hate that too though but it's a matter of survival.

Sometimes there is a fine line between inspiration and feeling bad about yourself.  Sometimes reading other people's life stories do one or the other to me.  I need to be the best version of ME that I can be...  not compare myself to someone else and what they are doing.

I want to get rid of more and more clutter in my life.  I want the best kind of "more" in my life....

"When you look back in 20, 30, 60 years, what would you rather see? A life filled with stacks of stuff and a ton of obligations and a lot of scurrying... around from errand to errand? Or a life centered around carefully gathering valuable experiences and items and goals?

Because that’s the other half of minimalism. The half where less gives way to more: more experiences, more enjoyment, more purpose, more connections, more laughter, more independence, more passion, more great work. The best kind of more." Jeffrey Tang

Yeah, that's what I want.

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  1. I agree with you, the heart needs to stay healthy ... I do understand ...