Saturday, February 21, 2015


I don't know why I sometimes fret.  When I look back on the most significant and special events of my life they were always orchestrated by God at the exact right time.  The best gifts I've received just fell into my lap and my sole response was appreciation.

I learned a lot from my first marriage.  Although it ended after 20 years due to issues that would never be resolved it wasn't all bad.  I had two beautiful daughters at an early age and enjoyed being a mommy so much.  Neither were really planned and I was so happy to have two little girls.  They were  my greatest joy!

Then I met Edd when I wasn't even looking for him!  How could something so wonderful happen in my life with so little effort!  

Remembering this causes me to have peace ... and contentment.  I've learned that God is fully able to do the seeming impossible if he chooses to.


This little orchid plant that I was given by a friend almost a year ago has shown me what waiting can do.  When we don't give up but have a little faith!  When it was given to me it was blooming.  It continued to grow new buds until... it didn't anymore!  After about a month it slowed down and the stem turned into a dead-looking stick.  I knew the plant wasn't dead though because the leaves on the bottom were green and looked healthy.

I looked up "caring for orchids" and did what was suggested.  I trimmed the dead-looking stem by cutting off the dried-up shoots that stuck out.

And I kept it around.

I watered it when it became dry often wondering after seven months if I should just get rid of it.  I think I kept it because it was given to me by a friend.  It certainly didn't add any beauty to my home!  I stuck it in front of a large window behind the living room sofa.

And there it stayed.

One day as I watered it I saw some new shoots coming out of the dead-looking stick that poked out of the dirt.  Two brand new shoots!  Something clearly was happening after many months of dormancy.  A few days later I could see ever-so-tiny buds just beginning to form.

It's happened so slowly but very consistently.  The buds grew bigger and bigger and bigger and looked as though they would pop!

And now it's blooming again.  I'll know better next time.... and have a little more faith.

Patience my friends..... patience....


  1. I love the reminder that even though something might look dead with time it can prove it is alive!

  2. Patience is oh so hard sometimes! I love this!