Saturday, April 9, 2016

thoughts for today

This was a bit convicting to me today.... I love words.. and quotes... and inspiring thoughts. I fall short so often though. I have good intentions, but don't always act. I pray I'll be true to my words.

I am finding myself silent more and more. Often I feel my words will fall flat and not have an impact. Should I speak anyway? Not if it's not kind or true, but knowing if it's necessary is harder understand.

We all have hurts in our lives... hurtful things said or done or not done.... that were probably directed at us by people who were hurting themselves. 
We may never get an "I'm sorry".... but we need to let it go....

Do what you can. Some days it may just be giving a smile to someone who doesn't have one of their own. Really SEEING someone. Sometimes my expectations for solving a problem are way too high. We can't solve all the world's problems and it hurts to see the suffering near and far, but do what you can, when you can, and do it over and over again...


  1. Hi Kathi, I love your quotes. I think you know I love all kinds of quotes, too...inspirational, funny, all kinds! And isn't Robert Brault just the best? Do you have either of his books? I bought both and they're just awesome to pick up from time to time and browse through. In fact, I need to remember to put one in my car so I'll have something wonderful to read if I'm stuck in traffic!

    1. Robert Brault does have wonderful thoughts and quotes! I love people who can say things in just the right way!