Friday, October 1, 2010

October (yay!)

Ahh... October! (exhale) It ushers in so many good thoughts and feelings. It anounces that we made it through the hot summer and promises cool fresh days ahead. I am going to try to be very present in each day and appreciate the blessings each one brings.

Things to look forward to...

A visit from mom and dad the first part of November!

Getting a larger Christmas tree this weekend I saw at Costco yesterday! (Need my hubby to go with me)


Using the fireplace!

Continuing to learn and grow and make peace with all that rushes around me.

Loving my friends and family better.

Walks and talks with my husband.

Being open to new things God wants to do in my life.

(quick list... to be continued)


  1. Yaaaay for October!! Love all the things in your list!! Especially the one about getting a bigger Christmas tree - that little anorexic one you have is just NOT doing it for me!! :)

  2. I'm excited October is here too! When you wrote "using the fireplace" it made me want to come over...and not just cause I don't have one.