Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmasy things... and questioning

Even though it seemed too warm for Christmastime it was a nice first day of Winter. Another cold front should be blowing in the day before Christmas so that'll be nice. Pretty typical for Texas really. I'm getting used to it. I never thought I'd live in Texas this long but I fell in love with a Texas guy and I'm content to be wherever he is.

I finished the Christmas wrapping and now all the packages look beautiful under the tree! Mailed out the last of the cards. More cookies were baked. I have enjoyed doing Christmasy things this year. Maybe because I started out saying I wasn't going to put many decorations out. I just didn't want to make too much of a fuss. I wanted to keep it simple. In the end I may have even done more than usual, but I didn't have any expectations and didn't feel any pressure. Although putting everything away when the time comes... that's another story! Eek!

Thoughts came to me throughout the day as I bustled here and there. Some serious, some silly, some deep, some thoughtful. It started as I made breakfast ....

Why does making french toast or pancakes... and the smell of butter on the griddle ... bring me back to countless wonderful warm breakfasts in the past when I cooked breakfast for my family? Such a warm cozy feeling that makes me smile, pause, and feel thankful.

Why is it that we get old just when it seems we are beginning to really relax and feel comfortable with and accept ourselves?

Why must I treat gingerbread men cookies as though they are alive? "Edd this one wants to go to work with you today! He has only seen this kitchen his entire life.. now he wants to venture out into the world... " Hahaha!

How is it that my beliefs and searching thoughts are so messy and uncomfortable when they used to be all neatly packed into one box? Truth for me hasn’t changed. Just maybe my acceptance and understanding of it. It’s not easy but it's soo good to question and be open.

Why do people think bullying others will get them to conform or make them change their thinking? There's so much angry debate today. I think taking a thoughtful approach, respecting and listening to others' opinions and finding common ground is a better way to solve problems and find solutions.

I'm sooo tired tonight, but it's a good tired. It'll feel wonderful to climb into bed after a busy full day.


  1. LOL at you talking as if your gingerbread men are alive! Too funny! :P

  2. The gingerbread thing made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of something I might do. Hilarious.

    We had french toast for dinner the other night too. And my house smelled of cinnamon and syrup and it just felt comfortable.

    Always enjoy your thoughts Kathi. (o: