Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love when mornings begin in a peaceful way. For years now my day has begun with a cup of coffee with Edd ...and quiet conversation. Sometimes deep conversation and sometimes silly and care free. Usually about our kids or the plans of the day, current events, the weather... anything. Often there is laughter over something or another. Today it involved our dreams.

I woke and began chattering about knowing I had many dreams but couldn't quite reach back into my head far enough to pluck them out again...but I did remember one. I was going to an appointment but needed to polish my nails first. I borrowed polish from someone who had a color that matched my outfit beautifully. It was a light pale green! It was perfect and I quickly polished my nails. They were taking too long to dry though and I was late for my appointment... Huh? Weird.

When I told Edd he laughed and said, "I think it's funny that you have girl dreams and I have boy dreams". Then he told me he had dreams last night about cars and beer and work! That made me laugh. He wasn't drinking beer but calculating how much was needed for a party that was being organized. Even in his dreams Edd is solving problems. Me? I'm just polishing my nails!

I do tend to be listening and observing more than I used to though. I find it more fun to be engaged and "present" with the people around me. I listened to an old couple today as the wife filled out a questionnaire for her husband in the waiting room. She asked him questions loudly as everyone had no choice but to listen. "Do you feel tired? No. Are you constipated? No. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Well I take them sleepin' pills remember?" Another old man shuffled in with his bossy wife who commandingly but kindly said, "Sit over there." He obeyed but his smirk made me chuckle and he teasingly commented, "Don't you laugh!" I responded, "Sometimes you just have to do what you're told." Nice ordinary people.

Many of the people around me each day are facing some awful scary and life-changing events. It's actually a privilege to just offer a smile or kind word along their journey.

Ordinary days can be extra-ordinary days if we just look around and see the potential for interaction with others and have the courage to see more than our own problems. Today was an extra-ordinary day.



  1. This is so true. "..if we just look around and see the potential.." I love this line. Thank you for the reminder about the little 'extras' in our everyday lives that make life worth living :)

  2. Hi Kathi! You and I seem to be a lot alike! I just became a follower and will definitely stop by as often as I can!

  3. that was great to read!
    take care,