Monday, April 18, 2011

heavenly day

It was a good day. I've learned to believe that any day that is without a crisis or one that is just normal and maybe even "ordinary" is a really good day. Today was.

Edd went to his work today. Even though he's been working from home for weeks now, he actually went into the office early this morning for half of the day. It was a big deal because he now has lost his hair from the radiation and can’t really hide the fact that he has cancer.  It’s hard for him but he got through it… and it was okay. He is good at his job and I'm sure people were glad to see him.   I just love this man.

Came home and we had an old friend of his over for dinner. Cooked some cheeseburgers out on the grill. The guys had a beer and I had some Shiraz. Just good stuff. Talked about life. The kind of day I love.

On another subject.  We are responsible for the energy we bring to any situation.  People don’t always realize what they bring with them and how they appear to others.  They wonder why they are perceived a certain way… but we all have a certain energy that comes with us wherever we go.  Positive, negative, encouraging.  There are people who consistently bring you down.  There are some people who are self centered and others who are others centered.  We are responsible for the energy we bring with us.  I want to be someone who brings positive energy.  Uplifting.  Oh, life is often hard, and challenging… and not always gentle and nice.  I don’t want to live ignoring that evil and hardship exists.  I want to be human... real and authentic... and admit my struggles.  But I would like to be able to see the good that can come out of the darkest of nights.

Some days are harder than others… but today was GOOD.

It was a heavenly day!

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  1. So true about our energy... so many people just don't GET IT.

    Glad you had a good day Mom! Love you. :)