Monday, April 4, 2011

What a beautiful day! The air has been cooler and dryer and it's been nice to open some windows wide.

Edd's been having some balance problems and his ears are stopped up since getting the radiation so we went to see our old friend, Dr. Lindsay today who said he had some fluid around the ear drum. Hopefully the decongestant he prescribed will help my poor unbalanced hubby! This new development has been tough on him. He does tell me how he's feeling but mostly because I made him promise to!

Today we were talking about how everyone has problems and complaints. We certainly have our share but Edd said before cancer he had worries too and probably complained and worried at least as much then.  He said his "top ten" has just changed now. I guess that's true. As our perspectives and realities change so does what we worry about. Some things we used to worry about just aren't that important any more.

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