Friday, August 5, 2011

not a bad beginning….

Spent the night tossing and turning.  WHY can’t I get a good night’s sleep?  Lots of reasons actually.

Dog sleeping next to me licking his … well, everything, these days….   Pick up dog and his little bed and close him in the laundry room where he also likes to sleep at night.  Sweet dog.  Nighty-night. Go back to bed.

Hot flashes.  Just yuck.  Throw off blanket.

Shoulder and neck pain.  Get up. Get an ibuprofen. Back to bed.

Thirsty. Get a sip of water.

Thinking.  Hmm…. do we really need to get all that roof-work done now?   Try to shut off thoughts…

3:00 am…. Get up, bring pillow… and a blanket… and move to the couch….. Sleep till husband presses coffeemaker’s “on” button at 6:15 am…

6:30 am… Bring coffee to husband.  Have our usual morning coffee in bed chatting about the day ahead… or chatting about anything and everything.

Another Coffee Cup Clip Art


He: “You’re  just so beautiful.”

She: “Huh?”

He: “You are.  Every time I look at you I get inspired.”

She: (slight burst of laughter since I thought he was kidding… but he wasn’t)  “ That laugh didn’t mean I want you to stop saying things like that, it’s just that I don’t feel very inspirational this morning.”

He: “Well, it’s true.  Isn’t it amazing that I am still smitten with you?  After all these years…  Still.”

All this occurred as Edd gave me a kiss goodbye on his way to work this morning.

I can think of worse ways to begin the day.


  1. Your nights sound a lot like those of me and my GF's. In fact one night we were chatting about how little we sleep once we rounded 50. The next morning we awoke to find out one of our group's house burned to the ground. The only reason they survived and got out alive was she couldn't sleep and heard the crackling!
    I also love when my husband still says sweet little 'somethings' in my ear...a tad louder now that the hearing is going but it is still wondermous!



    But sorry you couldn't sleep! :\

  3. What a sweet man :) I hope you get more sleep soon!

  4. that is so great. I have no caffeine after noon, wear a sleep mask( mucho important) any little light wakes me. I have a bottle of water on the nightstand. I get up once to use the bathroom. Since I quit sugar I sleep great. When i have worries I put the bible under my pillow and I sleep. It works. I know the night sweats and they stink. I also have a fan on full blast right on me. Hope you find what works for you.
    PS The dog comment made me laugh out loud!