Tuesday, August 30, 2011

where I’m from

I am from rich black soil, homemade raspberry jam, baseball after school, apple fritters, spaghetti o’s and Beagles.
I am from the warmth of wood burning fireplaces, smoky, crisp air in the fall, dirt roads and a house on a hill. I am from walks in the woods along well worn paths.
I am from Grandma’s lilies of the valley and screened-in porch, Easter hyacinths and Mayflowers for mommy in the springtime. From bacon and egg sandwiches on Sunday, crumb buns and poppy seed cake.
I am from fragrant cedars and piles of presents in December and sleepovers on floor mats after pumpkin pie in November. I am from hardworking and strong. From loud laughers who all talk at once, generous and devout. From the Wittmans and Okkers, McCormicks and Kerteszes.
I am from the lovers of home, clotheslines and fresh ironed sheets. I am from strong women. Margarets and Martha. Good men. Richard, George and Cornelius.
From “you can be anything you want to be” and learning times tables at the kitchen table. I am from summers knowing I belong with hot tea and bologna sandwiches on Garret Drive.
I am from church on Sunday mornings and reading the funnies. From looking at pictures in the big Bible on Dad’s bedside table. I am from finally seeking and finding.
I'm a country girl from Jersey, Hungary, Scotland and Holland.
From the starry-eyed and committed high school sweethearts who went to a dance and raised a family faithfully with wild and pleasant sandy beach vacations without a dime left over.
I am from pictures and albums in the attic at the top of the stairs, diaries and journals. Treasures of enormous worth.


  1. This was so beautiful to read. I'm totally inspired!

  2. OH I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!

    And more so - I loved where you were from and who you are Kathi.

  3. Oh Mom... this was sooo beautiful to read!!! Made me a little teary. I might try this too.

  4. Oh really Hungary? How come? This made me curious since I am Romanian, and Hungary is the neighbouring country! Do tell me more!

  5. That was lovely. It made me wish I was from where you're from. Sunkissed memories.

  6. It is a most enjoyable read...and a most enjoyable process!


  7. Kathi my darling daughter, this is my favorite Blog ever. It made me remember the best part of my life.
    The tears of joy came to me in a rush remembering my little girl and the love we share always.