Tuesday, November 15, 2011

being a daughter

We've had lots of company during the last month.  It's been good.  But now that they've all gone home it seems extra quiet around the house.  I'm feeling a sense of peace that can only be explained by the fact that others are praying for us... for me.

Having my parents visit was extra special because I felt like a little girl again in some ways... and loved... and totally accepted.   You see, it doesn't matter how old you are.  You still need your mom and dad. 

I always feel so responsible with the need to be strong.  It was nice to be a daughter again.  I sometimes forget.  I feel like a mother often.  A wife ... for sure.  But not always a daughter.  I have the best parents in the world.

Last week I got to relish in it again though.  We had so much fun even in the midst of serious health concerns.  

Hanging out having coffee

Mom making a wonderful pork tenderloin dinner!

Jenni popped in from time to time too.

Nicky liked that!

A highlight was going to The European Bistro.  Authentic Hungarian food.  The owner, Anna, is from Hungary.   She kind of flirted with my dad, but Mom said she didn't mind.  Edd said if someone flirted with me, he'd deck him!  :-)

Dad with the Hungarian owner.

They had Bull's Blood, a Hungarian wine Dad enjoyed when visiting Hungary a few years back.

and a Hungarian white wine ... 

Freshly baked bread with a cream cheese, feta cheese and paprika spread.

The desserts were super deeelish... 

We even put up the Christmas tree though it's not decorated yet.

The week is over, but the memories are still with me.  I felt like I was nurtured.   I remembered that I am a daughter.  I remembered that I have the best parents in the world and that I am loved.


  1. What a beautiful week you've had! You're right - sometimes it's wonderful to remember that you're someone's daughter. It's a good feeling. That restaurant looked amazing - yum!

  2. It looks like a great time. Your parents are so cute and your daughter is a little doll. I am praying for you and Edd. Stay strong. Lots of us love you!

  3. There is something special in having your parents there when life is overwhelming. My parents were always willing to open their arms and love us through are hard times. I miss them every day.
    I know you cherish them as they cherish you...

  4. What a sweet time Kathi. I love that you got to share in that with your parents.

    I especially loved Edd's comment about decking someone who flirted with you. Edd rocks. <3

  5. How wonderful for you! I miss both my parents, often. And yes, many times I felt like a young girl again when I was with them. Thinking of you and sending hugs!

  6. Lovely photos and happy for you that you had the chance to feel small again, I cheerish that all the time when I am with mom!

  7. Praying for you...BIG TEXAS PRAYERS for Edd... I read on Jenni's blog that things are scary now and you have been kind and offered me prayers and I am giving them back... God Bless...

  8. Kathi, I read on Jenni's blog what you and Edd are going through. I'm praying you are feeling the Lord's comfort and strength. Please know our love and prayers are with you.
    Much love~