Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Found this today.  Just rummaging through a drawer in the kitchen.  From my last birthday in August.

Does a man like this leave a huge aching hole in your heart?  You better believe it.

Is it getting easier?  No, not yet.

Did I feel loved?  Always.

I'll love you forever too.....


  1. Oh dear ... Crying with you, I know it is hard, but he will always love you!

  2. Oh kathi,I would find things all the time after Bob died...always at a time when I really needed it...I believe it was his way of speaking to me....he was a man who always left notes and now they turn up in the most random places...I cherish each and every one of them...yes it's beyond words how difficult this is..my heart aches for you..I'm always right here with you..

  3. I like the idea of him finding that sweet way to speak to you still. What a thoughtful, sweet man. You don't ever get over a man like that, but eventually you'll be able to think about him with a smile, rather than tears.

  4. Love like that is what so many of us dream of... I know your heart is hurting, but it will somehow become tolerable... Blessings today and every day... Tessa

  5. Once in a lifetime love...the best and everlasting treasure of life. You will always have this to cherish and keep golden. Hold all these memories close, one day it won't hurt as much. Love and hugs~

  6. Hi Dear Friend,
    Just stopping back in to let you know I'm thinking of you and as my aunt used to tell me...loving your right through...