Tuesday, August 21, 2012

days gone by

My senses.... my memories bring me back.

Seeing him.  A morning smile.  A gentle touch.  Talking about anything.  We'd laugh.  And listen to each other.  Really listen.  Time to be together.  Drinking that first cup of coffee with complete relaxation as though we had all the time in the world.  I relish the thought of it.

Then up and at 'em....

As he'd prepare for the day I'd make breakfast.

Eventually I would see a man emerge all fresh faced.  A crisp white long-sleeved dress shirt usually with the sleeves rolled up, khaki pants and dress shoes.  All ready for work.  Smelling fresh like soap, shaving creme and Grecian formula.

He would switch to business mode.  When he had somewhere to be, when he had a job to do, he was all about doing it.  When it was time to go, it was time to go.  If lunch wasn't packed and ready to bring, he'd go without it (no problem, we'd meet for lunch).  No nonsense.  No waiting around for it.

It makes me smile now.

Always a kiss good bye... with an "I love you" said .... Never any doubts about that.  Ahhh... that smile and the clear blue eyes shining down on me...  Then out the door with a black leather case carrying laptop and work stuff.....

Just a scene I witnessed and lived hundreds of times..... echoing in my mind and heart....


  1. It's funny how the most commonplace occurrences are often the ones we replay in our memories the most. And the ones that are dearest to our hearts. How blessed you are to have such lovely thoughts to keep close.

  2. It's crazy how many times I take moments like that for granted. What a beautiful moment and memory. Some of the most repeated moments in a day are the most special. Thank you for the reminder.

    You guys had a beautiful relationship and I am praying for healing of your wounds.

  3. Precious memories to last a lifetime... God Bless you today and always...

  4. That was a lovely memory.. Thanks for shareing.. Mom

  5. Such a vivid memory of your life together. It seems as if it brings you some little bit of comfort.