Thursday, November 14, 2013

many "to dos" to do today

It's been a busy week.   A leak here, a leak there...  some repairs made.  Getting the furnace inspected and up to speed for some c-c-c-cold nights!  Brrr.  When it rains it pours and everyone can relate to that one.  The recent storms also revealed I need a new roof ... bummer.   Such is life.... But today was full of tackling projects and it felt good.  Pushing forward and eliminating things needing to be done.  One day at a time as they say.

I like looking at my "to do" list after a day like today and seeing all I accomplished in my waking hours.  

Got my windshield replaced.  Grrrr.... a stone flew up while on the highway and cracked it a few days ago.

Took down and cleaned some vents on the ceiling that looked yucky.  I bought new ones, but they were the wrong size of course.  I always have to make at least two trips to Home Depot or Lowes to complete one simple project.  Decided to just wash/scrub them instead though!  

Changed AC/Heater air filters and vacuumed the dusty area.

Pruned plants and flowers.  Planted some in pots to replace a few that froze to death last night.  Poor things.

Got current on my "bill pay" and organized piles of papers on my desk.

Ran a multitude or errands, bought and mailed a couple gifts to family and friends, did some grocery shopping...

Got brave and tackled difficult phone calls I was putting off.... 


My desire, my hope, my goal ... is to simplify my life and home more and more.... and more.   There are still some uncontrollable aspects in my life, but much I can do to move toward that end to simplify.  It's a process and I can't expect to get there all in one day... or week... or month but I can keep moving in the right direction.  And I intend to.

You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still holding on to yesterday's junk.
  ~Louise Smith

Simplify:  Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak!


  1. It sounds like you're doing a great job moving forward! I'm always happy when I get to tick lots of things of my list. So satisfying...

  2. Hi Kathi! You DID have a very productive week! I love it, too, when I can cross things off my lists, but it hasn't been happening much lately. LOL....too many new ones being added. I can relate to making phone calls you've been dreading, too. I love your quote at the end. So true! You're an inspiration!

  3. I am always changed in one way or another when I read your posts. You give me inspiration to move forward and let go of things I don't need anymore. I am working on clearing out so much STUFF from a lifetime of children in house. Slow going but I am…going! List making has always made me feel accomplished in the crossing off of the items on them!