Saturday, November 23, 2013

thoughts for today

I decided today that waiting till Thanksgiving to make a pumpkin pie is a bad idea.  I think this year I will spread Thanksgiving goodness throughout the whole week before and even after Thanksgiving!   I think the expectations we build up over the holidays can threaten to lessen some of the joy and I don't want to do that.

Thanksgiving Day I plan to do some volunteer work in the morning.   Other family members have plans for part of the day too.  When I get home I'll make a turkey and lots of other yummy things, but it's all about enjoying this time of year and remembering the good in our lives.  We can have leftovers all week.  I'll drag out some Christmas decorations ….

I'm learning that I need to be able to be flexible and fit into the changes in my life.

I took a walk this morning and gathered leaves as I went along.  They were so pretty. Texas changes in the fall too.  It just takes longer…  Few things bring me back to my childhood the way a cold Autumn day does.  The memories are vivid…. the way the air smelled along with the smoke coming from our chimney in New Jersey as my dad burned fragrant cedar logs.   Today was cold… all day…  upper thirties here as I walked… and the air made my ears sting.  I like to walk because it's a good time to think and pray…  remember… and center myself.

Changes come all throughout our lives.  Maybe I'm just more aware of it now than I used to be.  As soon as you settle into a new "normal" that normal changes again and we need to readjust to begin to feel comfortable again.  Like the seasons….

I'm looking forward to purging things out of my life that aren't useful anymore.  Things that aren't positive or helpful or beautiful.  I am becoming more and more drawn to simplicity and ridding my life of clutter.  In a world where people seem to want to continuously accumulate stuff I am seeing the enormous value of getting rid of the noise in our lives so we can really hear what's important.  It's a process and I have a long way to go.

My wish today is that all have enough….. being content and grateful… with always enough.


  1. I love everything you write, Kathi. You're very good at it! I'm on kind of a same track as you. When we moved this past March, we got rid of so much "stuff" that we held onto for various reasons. It really is liberating and lifts a weight off the shoulders to throw out "things." I don't think I knew that ANY part of Texas ever got very cold! Love your autumn leaves collection! I do the same thing every year, too. When I'm out walking, now days more with Vern instead of alone, and can't help but grab some and bring them home! I actually framed some....I think last year! LOL Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. OH, P.S....I forgot to mention the most important thing. I love your plan to celebrate Thanksgiving for two weeks! And knowing you, I know that you are thankful every single day, not just a day (or weeks) in November!

  3. Beautiful post, Kathi. I have always loved a cold autumn day/night with the smell of firewood burning and decaying leaves. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There's nothing better than helping people for feeling blessed.