Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I have been feeling better lately. I am not as anxious. I am not as stressed. My aches and pains have either plateaued, gotten better or gone away.

Why?  What is different?

I'm not looking up every ailment I might or could or possibly have on the internet. I am not trying to hunt down the magic bullet that might make me feel better... like the food or vitamin or supplement that fights this ailment or helps with this problem... menopause, tendinitis, arthritis, anti-cancer, oh my goodness, you name it! I'm just trying to live my life.

I am exercising moderately. Riding my bike. Using my elliptical. Walking. I am eating all kinds of good food... fish, vegetables, whole grains, cheese, fruit, wine!!

Everything in moderation.

There is so much information out there today that can lead to more confusion. How can we ever get it right? Especially when the information and consensus by the medical community and "experts" seems to change daily? Coffee is good for you. Wine is bad, no it's good in moderation. Chocolate is bad. A little is okay. Carbs are bad. Sugar is bad. Real bad. Fats are okay. Good fats that is.  GMO's Bad, Bad. Organic good. Cholesterol is bad. Eggs are....Wait! It's okay! HUH??? Take this... don't take that!

I think from now on I am going to eat what I want, limit the quantity and ENJOY! Moderation. And choose healthy foods that nourish my body, but not get caught up in the newest, latest, information that comes down the pike. Because it just might change tomorrow. No, it WILL change tomorrow. I have been guilty of chasing down the trends and it hasn't helped my health in the least bit. Maybe hurt some?

So tonight I am having my 6 oz. of wine, and a sensible dinner... and I am not going to worry whether I get it all RIGHT! I've exercised, kept my thinking positive, prayed, read my Bible..... been open to how I can contribute and give of myself and my resources....

Amazing how good that is for my health!

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