Sunday, November 29, 2015

pre-decorating de-clutterization

Before decorating for Christmas yesterday I purposely read articles about de-cluttering and minimalist decorating and getting rid of "stuff".... It was a good way to begin because over the last few years I've realized that too much stuff around makes me a little anxious and takes away some of my peace of mind. I feel more at ease when my home is in order. The thought of dragging out more stuff didn't really appeal to me unless I had a plan!

So I threw out, I boxed up, I took away stuff I would never use, didn't like, and didn't need. And I only brought things out of the attic that I wanted to take its place. And I'm happy with the result! I can appreciate other people's dramatic and abundant decorating style, but that doesn't feel right for me.

I will continue to de-clutter, give away, and simplify, because that makes me feel good, but today I am enjoying the work of yesterday.

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