Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sitting outside now in what feels like a perfect morning. The air flowing through is cool, but the sun is warm in the bright blue sky. I just put birdseed in the bushes.  The sparrows and finches couldn't be happier unless they all stopped fighting over the best position. The bushes are full of birds and there is enough food for all of them. Norman watches... and listens too.

I took a walk already. A decent brisk half hour dog-less walk after first walking Norman around the block. Chatted with a neighbor. Trimmed some new shoots that sprung out of bushes during the last rain. Cut back a crepe myrtle that needed a little attention. Now as I sit with some hot chocolate I'm keenly aware of my blessings and grateful the hot summer months of 2015 are now a thing of the past. I change my position and move into the chair beside me that is in the shade and soon need to move back into the sun for warmth again.  It's the sun that warms; the air is chilly.

I sit and pray for those I love who need a little help... or a lot of help. I breathe in all my blessings and pray to be able to exhale a little service to others. A great way to begin the day.

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