Wednesday, September 28, 2016

these present interesting challenging times

I know people who support Pro-Life organizations. They are against abortion and rightly so. Recently I was invited to be involved in a fund raiser in support of the pro life movement. A good thing I am sure but not where my focus is right now.

I am pro-life but involved on a personal level. I don’t necessarily believe the ultimate answer is to vote Pro-life candidates into office. They may be scummy people who actually are hiding under the pro-life candidate’s agenda. People think they HAVE to vote for them and they have no other choice. I personally don’t feel that way. I don’t necessarily think they will ultimately do anything to help. To help where the problem really is. With the pregnant woman who feels she has no choices.

Many people would disagree with me and that is their right, but I’m not going to be backed into a corner of having to vote for an idiotic person because they claim to be pro life.

I believe the responsibility is still and has always been in the women’s hands. She has the personal responsibility. And will carry the consequences and guilt. And that’s where our focus should be, not which government party supports pro life and which one doesn’t. If your candidate supports pro-life great. But if you think this person is not a good choice given ALL your values you do not have to be forced to support him or her. 

I think our focus needs to always be on the woman who is deciding whether to keep her baby or not. She is the one responsible. Not the government. And it's a huge responsibility. She is the person who is accountable to God and will answer for her choice. Will we support her and help her baby live and be taken care of after she has made all kinds of horrible decisions to get where she is? Will we work to share real information about life happening early in the womb? I know for a fact there are considerably less people willing to get involved with doing that.  

They feel they are doing their part and can then look away when confronted with an actual woman in need... and there are thousands of them.... many unlovely, drug addicted, poor, mentally challenged who desperately need help and support and resources. There just are not enough of these resources available ... or people who actually care to get involved. It's sad how little help is available for those who choose to keep their baby in spite of all the challenges. It's uncomfortable. It's hard. It's messy.

Will you help with child care? Because the woman who is unwed and poor and without any support who kept her baby cannot work because she has no one to care for her baby while she does.

Will you help give her a ride to the store? to doctor’s appointments for herself and for her baby? Will you give her a call regularly and offer encouragement so she doesn’t go back to the loser who got her pregnant in the first place? I could go on and on……

Oh, it’s so sad. It’s such a tragedy … but there are lots of tragedies all over the world. All kinds of suffering and people who are killing and hurting others. The answer is always one person caring about another person. And doing what we can. Every day.

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