Monday, October 24, 2016

we all have those days

Having one of those "I forgot my list so it's such fun to go home and see everything I forgot to get at the store and my hair looks horrid and I feel itchy and stuffy-nosed and just achy today....and I'm looking around and seeing all the junk in my house that isn't in its place and I'm irritated at everything especially myself" kind of day! 

 ...sigh...Whoa! That was a lot. 

On the bright side....

I fixed the settings on my camera and it's taking wonderful photos again!

I made reservations to visit family on Thanksgiving. I am flying on Thanksgiving day, but that will be fun too!

I ordered that foyer light I have been wanting. Finally going to change out the old builder's brass monstrosity!

My daughter took some wonderful photos of my grand daughter and me. What a little joy!

And I'm so glad Autumn is here.

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