Wednesday, October 26, 2016

what a day!

Today was busy from the moment I woke up until... now. And as the day progressed it got a bit wild and strange too.

I had my sweet granddaughter until around noon and an air conditioner repairman all morning too. I then rushed to make a hair coloring appointment at the salon and then decided to cast my early vote afterwards at about 3pm.

That's when the excitement really began!

I waited in a long line that actually moved fairly quickly. I chatted with some people near me and thought about taking my driver's license out of my wallet but waited a little longer. I was almost at the front of the line when I discovered I DIDN'T HAVE MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! And I had to leave the line and go home....

I looked everywhere! I never take it out of my wallet so it was very perplexing. I took everything out of my wallet and everything out of my purse. I looked under the seats in my car, in drawers in the house... in the hamper, in pockets....

I kept trying to go back in time and remember ... and then oh.. Yeah! On Monday I walked to our neighborhood mail boxes because we were getting new keys since the old boxes had been replaced with brand new ones. We needed to show our I.D. to be issued our new keys. That's the last I remember seeing my driver's license. 

I then searched my clothes again, pants pockets, washing machine and dryer, plastic bag I carried my mail home in, my recycle bins inside and outside... even searched through my two-day old garbage with plastic gloves... I mean, I looked everywhere! Even called our Homeowner's Association to see if maybe they hadn't handed it back to me. I checked my mail to see if someone found it and may have mailed it....

At this point I began thinking I better get on-line and search out "how to replace a lost driver's license". I did everything I could think of but then it occurred to me that I would NOT have put my license in the bag with my mail. I would have put it in my pants pocket. That is definitely what I would have done. But it was not in my pants pocket and the pants had been already washed and folded. 

So I looked in the washer and dryer one more time. More carefully. Very carefully. 

And there it was...  inside the dryer, stuck on the drum. I hadn't seen it the first time I looked which is understandable because it wasn't even in view unless I practically climbed into the machine!

And that's when I decided to hop in the car .... and stood in another long line a second time to vote.

And this time I actually DID!

I can be very unwilling to give up, persistent and stubborn when I want to be!

But I am exhausted.... 

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