Thursday, October 20, 2011

I can do this

Today Edd is getting his second cyberknife treatment. The doctor will zap a few more tumors in his brain.  They make it all sound like routine, these doctors, nurses and technicians, but geeze, the brain! There is nothing casual or routine about it.

Edd is acting a little bit different. A little bit ... off maybe.  A little more emotional, a little more, in his words, fragile. He really needs reassurance ... And a lot of affection and love.

I can do that. I can give that.

He has always been the strong one. He was the one in control. I need to be that now.  And I will.

This man is my hero. He is like a good soldier going off to battle day after day. Standing tall.  He endures each new thing, each new development, each new procedure like a strong warrior.

He is my hero.

My tears are not flowing at the moment. There is too much time now for caring and holding and reassuring and sharing and expressing love. So much love.

I can do this.


  1. You are brave and stronger than you think. The Lord that is mighty to save is on your side. Lifting you up to him right now!! Keep loving big... I know you will!!!

  2. Kathi...Not only you can, but YOU DO! I know this is a very hard time..scary, uncharted waters for all of you. Prayers flying strong and high for you and yours. As I've said my dearest friend had cyberknife treatments and has done well with them. Scared her to think of it but it did what it was intended to do.
    Loving you through...

  3. Yes, you can do this. There is always strength to do that for the love of your life, and when you do need to cry let others have strength for you until you feel strong again. The people you have met who know what you are going through were brought into your life by God to help give you strength, that's one way He's with you and Edd. Hugs to you Kathi.

  4. I'm continuously amazed at the treatments technology offers us. It doesn't make it any less scary, however. You're giving your man a little miracle with your support and love - bolstering him with your strength when his is flagging. Take care of him, but also take care of yourself. When you do need to cry, (and who wouldn't?) give your friends and family the blessing of letting them take care of you. I'll be thinking about you and your husband and praying that all goes well.

  5. My dear Kathi you are so strong and I wish that I could send you some back up strenght just in case. All will be well! Stay positive!

  6. Dear Kathi,
    I can't imagine all the streanth it takes to do what you do. Keep the love flowing. We'll keep the prayers comming. No time to cry?
    Too busy being good at showing your love and understanding. Your confidence and love will carry him to live the best life you can. You can cry if you want to too, sometimes it helps so keep taking turns being the storng one. I love you. Mom