Monday, October 10, 2011

thoughts for today

Why NOT us? Why not a big fat miracle? We aren't that different than anyone else who has asked God for healing.  We know he can. I am asking. Why NOT us?

I've been changed. Totally. I'll  never be the same. Did He have to completely break my heart into thousands of tiny pieces? Is that how hard I had become? Or was in danger of becoming? 

Appreciate. Don't take precious times, moments, for granted. Never feel entitled to anything. So much in life is a precious gift.

What if?  Just musing.  But what if what everyone believed DID come true? What if you believed in God and had faith he would bring you to heaven some day and He did! And what if you had no faith, no trust and believed in nothing... and you got... a great big NOTHING. What if you believed you'd be a star up in the sky... and that's just what you became.... I choose to believe in Jesus and his redemption.  I choose to believe God is real and loves me and has a bigger better brighter more fabulous future for me and my loved ones. Bigger than I could ever imagine.

It was a tough day. Sometimes we just have to be strong for someone else. Helping them to have the faith and hope to go on. And sometimes someone has to believe for us when our strength and hope is  hollow.  I am so glad for those who stand in the gap for me... It renews my faith and gives me strength to not lose heart.


  1. Kathi, I can't even imagine the hard time you're going through. I have known others who have been down the same road, however, and they've all said it's a refining experience. You quickly learn what the real priorities are, and it's crystal clear what matters and what doesn't. Why you? I don't know. But I DO know that what we experience here on earth is but a blink of an eye, and what comes after is beautiful beyond imagination. So hang in there. Keep your faith in Christ and your love of family strong. I don't think it really matters why things happen. It matters how you handle the situation from there. And I really admire the grace with which you're handling yours.

  2. Oh Kathi, my heart aches for you and yours. If only we knew what and why when we face such tremendously awful things in life. I have so many questions I need answers to regarding tragedies in my loved ones lives. I pray for a peace for your heart and mind until we know for certain the answers.


  3. Oh Kathi, all I can do is send you hugs and prayers for the strength and peace you need to walk the path before you. Hold on tight to the hands of those who have gone this path before and God's when you feel yourself lost.