Friday, October 21, 2011


I looked at fall a little differently today. I usually love to see the colored leaves and feel the cool air and I still see its beauty and richness, but today I also saw its coldness. It looked and felt lonely to me. It signaled the end of growth and new life. The opposite of spring.

Since living in the south I have probably loved fall more than ever because I welcome the end of hot oppressive summer temperatures, but fall is the transition into winter... and in many parts of the country winter can be brutal and harsh, long and frigid.

I looked at pictures of autumn and got a deeply lonely feeling. I felt a sad sort of longing. Maybe the feeling came from deep in my past memories when autumn ushered in cozy times of fireplace warmth and mugs of hot chocolate.... Or maybe the feeling was one of endings and change and moving on... which are things that have never exactly come easy to me.

But change comes. It is one thing we can always count on. Things don't stay the same. Just when you think things will always be just the way they are now life does a flip flop....autumn comes and then winter and ..... changes come ever so slowly... but surely.

So autumn seems bittersweet to me. Sort of how life has felt lately.


  1. I love autumn, love the colours, the smells, the air! Most likely due to the fact that I am born in October :)

  2. I want to forget that about autumn. That it's the season that ushers in winter. It's death and sleeping and waiting for spring again. Autumn is not just harvest and bounty and beauty. It's the season for preparing for icy, cold days too.

    I hear your ambivalence in the season you find yourself in.

    Bracing for colder winds with you friend.

  3. the pictures are beautiful...isn't great how the seasons changes brings certain perspectives in life!