Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter memories

As a little girl Easter was a happy time. My grandparents would come to visit on Friday and stay until Sunday. Mom would make a fish dinner Friday night, and Saturday would be a time for visiting. The house would smell like hyacinths and tulips, daffodils and lilies!

On Sunday, Easter morning, we would don our new Easter outfits and go to church but not before we found our Easter baskets which had been put out the night before. Inside would be chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and whatever else mom picked out that year. Usually mine would also include a stuffed animal rabbit. I loved that!

Included in the mix would be one or two of the colored hard boiled eggs we had dyed the day before. I have been coloring Easter eggs for five decades and I'm not about to stop now! Some years I'd color them with my mom and brother.... later with my own daughters... Sometimes they'd be fancy and the mix would be messy. Sometimes they'd be simple with stickers.  Although now I often color them by myself it's still fun and worth doing because it brings back fun memories ... and they are so pretty... and edible!!

I've come to know Easter as the most important holiday of the year. Jesus didn't just die a cruel death on Friday, but he proved that all his previous words were true by rising from the grave on Sunday morning! This historical fact gives hope to a confused and suffering world. 

And I'm very grateful.


  1. What a lovely post, Kathi! Your colored eggs look just like the ones we did when I was a little girl...nothing fancy, just beautiful colors! And it never occurred to me to dye eggs at my age, but I'm going to do just that! Maybe even next week...what the heck! :)
    Oh, and I LOVE your family photo!! The look on your brother's face is tooooo funny...and you're being so shy! I love that your dad is wearing white socks with his suit! I have a photo posted on my blog, of my dad wearing white socks with his wool suit at Christmas time!
    Thanks for sharing your memories!

    1. So sweet.. thank YOU Becky. I just ate my last dyed hard-boiled egg today! Yum! They are just so pretty!

  2. Hi Kathi! I just stopped by to read your newest post and then scrolled down to see if there were other things I still needed to read/see...and voila'! Dyed eggs! I'd already forgotten about this :(
    BUT, I'm going to write myself a note to boil some eggs and then color them, in your honor! (and if I actually remember and follow through...I'll send you some photos!) :)