Monday, March 7, 2016

feeling lighter already

I've been on a mission to simplify... and rid my life of items I no longer use. I'm making great progress.

I sold an old truck that was no longer worth its keep making more room and a pleasing look and feel to the garage. It was Edd's and it was used to the max and it served many people well! But alas it had mechanical issues and high mileage and just took up space. That led to going through more and more storage places. Weeks earlier I opened closets and drawers, looked into the attic and on shelves, in boxes and cabinets knowing so much was just "stuff" with no use anymore or much meaning. It seems the more I get rid of the more peace floods my spirit.

And I've been slowly going through my wardrobe.

I just returned from Goodwill.

Today I donated scads of jeans and dress pants. I quit counting at about 30 but I'm sure there were over 40 pair. Most I didn't bother to try on first because I knew they wouldn't fit comfortably. Some I did try on and was pleasantly surprised. They will go into my "I will wear this" pile.

But I am getting too old and smart (finally) for the nonsense of keeping a bunch of clothes around that are no longer of any use to me. I have been choosing style and comfort lately over stuffing myself into a tight pair of jeans. Unfortunately I have done the latter ALL MY LIFE. Which is honesty why I believe I have arthritis in my hands now. Oh, how foolish I've been....


I didn't lose a pound today and can't fit into that size 8, but I feel lighter already!

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