Friday, May 27, 2011

healthy ingredients

I’ve had a good week making healthy food choices with fresh ingredients.  A simple sandwich can be made out-of-the-ordinary delicious … and healthy too!  These are just a few of things I used this week.  Yum!

Fresh basil leaves from my garden added to a sandwich.  A little olive oil sprinkled on top makes it sooo good!  Easy to grow in a garden too!

Using hummus instead of mayo on a sandwich.  Better for you than mayo…. and I love hummus!

Guacamole or avocado is another great sandwich ingredient.






Arugula instead of tasteless lettuce adds a spicy zip… leafy greens are good for you too!  I love it!

Oh, and not to forget cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, fresh corn, and spinach!  I’m trying to add healthy fresh ingredients to my meals. All these things help! 

Time to go back to the organic farm for more goodies!

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  1. Want to go back tomorrow? Hehe. No but seriously... want to go back tomorrow? :)