Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In the end... What is most important anyway?

Was I a good friend?

Was I a good mom?

Was I a good daughter?

Was I a good wife?

Was I a good sister?

Simple. Yes. Very simple.

Relationships. People.

I saw a segment on the news this morning about extreme makeovers for children's' rooms. One mom was featured who created a princess room for her daughter. There was a chandelier that cost thousands, and other things that added up to over $60,000 for just ... stuff. It looked like a little mansion but I found it absurd. She wanted to give her daughter the things she always wanted when she was a child. Hmmm... I wonder where the milk toast dad was in all of this....

How much better would it be had she used those resources to do good for others in need. She is teaching her daughter values every day.  I wondered if she is uptight about all those things and whether she demands her child keep it in perfect order too. I wonder how that will effect her as the years go by. How about getting them involved with community charities or volunteering. When will parents realize their over-indulgences are not helping their children, but creating a selfish and entitlement mentality. Someone stated, "Children benefit far more from one on one time with a parent doing something together on a regular basis, and this fantasy room suggests that spending time in the child's room is the goal.  The money spent on a kid's room can be donated to the Food Shelf. ..Lord knows they need it more than their kids need a hand-painted wall and custom pirate ship," I agree. Wisdom is in short supply these days.

I know these stories are in many ways designed to make us mad and irritate us, but they do help us to define our own beliefs so I guess they have some value.   I guess there are always two sides to any story also, so I am glad God is the Judge…. and not me.


"Over the years, I've heard people lament about why God allows this or that. Babies starve and people suffer not because of what God does, but because of what we don't do." Oprah Winfrey

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  1. Great thoughts Mom.

    And that child's bedroom is a LITTLE excessive. To the tune of about $57,000! Lol!