Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts for today

This blog has been good for sharing my thoughts and that's good. There have been some pretty serious things going on for a very long time. I think of little snippets I would like to write about but just don't get the time to expand the ideas much more than a sentence or two.

Been in the hospital with Edd since Thursday when after six hours of surgery we received the good news that all went well! I attribute that to the skill of a good surgeon and many, many prayers! Now for recovery which also has ups and downs but so far so good. We visitors have to put on these cheap plastic cover ups over our clothes and plastic gloves on our hands when entering his room...and let me tell you... when you are in the hot-flash age range as I am it's about as comfortable as having saran wrap on in the tropics!

After talking to one of my daughters a couple days ago I realized just how much this has effected others that I love in my life too. She said she missed me. I know she didn't just mean she missed my physical presence though that is part of it. But she missed my emotional presence. Being there. Available. Having time for others. She recognized that when I do have time I have to use it to take care of myself because even that has been neglected. There are others in my life that I love deeply and care about too. I just hope they know.....

So.... It was a good reminder that I also need to focus on other things. My husband is my life and joy but I need to stay involved with living and focusing outside the world of hospitals and specialists and illnesses. So does Edd.

And we will.


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  1. Well, it's MOST important for you to focus on Edd right now (and YOU, of course). We're all still going to be here when things blow over with this surgery and Edd gets his clean bill of health!! :)