Thursday, February 3, 2011

one of those days

Maybe I'll use my blog to jot down a few morning thoughts ... or end-of-the-day thoughts. Today has been "one of those days". I'd like to feel more hopeful and encouraged but concern and worry are crowding out the optimism. I took a walk down the hill from the hospital to get lunch from a popular sandwich shop. The weather was very cold today. I enjoyed the walk in the crisp air and thought of all the walks Edd and I have been on together. Walks on trails near my old home in San Antonio, trails near his old condo in Lakeway, walks around our present neighborhood here in Austin, walks along the Las Vegas strip exploring place after place, looking for the best restaurant choice ....walking along the beach in Hawaii...

I think couples should never stop taking walks together... or holding hands....

When there is illness life in some ways becomes simpler. Insignificant distractions are gone and only the things that mean the most remain. Reminds me of a large sieve that only lets through the smallest, most valuable particles.

Even though today was "one of those days" tomorrow may be brighter. There is always hope. Things change. Days are not always the same. I'll still try to begin tomorrow fresh ... and hope and pray for good things to come.


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