Friday, February 18, 2011

animal lover? ... or not

I am an animal lover, but I'm now thinking maybe my love doesn't run too deep. I prefer animals, wild ones anyway, to live OUTSIDE of my house! And even then I'd rather they don't linger too long in the back yard!

To be more specific. Raccoons. After some observation, discussion, and research on the Internet, we've come to the conclusion that the scratching, heavy scurrying, and thumping noises above our heads at night belong to a raccoon who is trying to make our attic his (or probably her) new home! Well let me tell you, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Having heard the raccoon the night before, we prepared the next evening to have a radio playing in the attic tuned to "talk radio" to keep him away. Since that would keep ME away I figured it might keep away the raccoon! Well, it didn't. Apparently he was sleeping all day in the comfy attic and was already there... so the radio wasn't going to keep him out. Darn.

We hadn't laid down more than ten minutes when we began to hear scratchy moving-around sounds. Knowing we couldn't sleep with that going on over our heads we reluctantly retreated to another bedroom upstairs to sleep. And let me tell you WE LOVE OUR COMFORTABLE LUXURIOUS KING-SIZED BED! Having to leave it was not making me happy! But we did... and we still heard the noises! (that raccoon was getting around).... so we moved again out into the family room with blankets and pillows! I think I may now have become a strong death- penalty advocate!!! This morning I have three beds and two couches to straighten up!!! And I'm pretty sure that raccoon is sleeping peacefully after his nocturnal roaming! BUT HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!

My wonderful husband wouldn't bat an eye at calling a professional and paying them to get rid of this pesky critter, but I on the other hand (being the insane, do-it-yourself-and-save-a-buck type) went to Cabela's today to get a raccoon trap to try to catch him. If we do (AND WE WILL) we'll then put him in the back of the Tahoe and let him loose at least 20 miles in another direction....Or call animal control to take him away... At least that's the plan. Unfortunately experience tells me that hmm... plans can change.

Ha! We shall see what the day and night will bring!!


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  1. I loved everything about this post Mom! Huuh-larious!! I'm pretty sure I should just send Matthew over to fix this problem once and for all. LOL!!!