Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Doing some of my favorite things this afternoon...

Enjoying the warm fireplace on a cold day
Sipping coffee and a homemade blueberry muffin
Simple things, huh?

The morning found me back at my physical therapy appointment. Although the heat, ultrasound, massage, stretching and well-trained techniques of the therapist are HEAVENLY, they really aren't healing me thoroughly... meaning.. I still have pain. The pain and limited movement of my neck remains. My doctor demonstrated by just a light touch on an area of my neck that the joint is also damaged. Exercise can help train the joint to move and wear in the right ways. My next session will be deeper and more painful but also touch those small muscles around the joint that need to be worked.


Goes to show you that stress has to go somewhere. I seem to handle my stress well on the outside, but the tension no one can see is accumulating in my neck! Between learning how to handle stress, physical therapy, and exercise I should get relief from this nagging problem, but it's not going to happen over night.

My doctor today was talking to me about releasing grief and the big stresses of life. We all have them from time to time. I was glad to know there are people in the world who understand. Having the tools and techniques needed during stressful times is valuable. The better I take care of myself, the better I can help take care of others too. Sheesh... you live and learn. I know I am never going to stop learning as long as I'm alive.

Today I am feeling the luxury of being home after confronting the cold and windy morning. My doctor also suggested I wear a neck warmer when I can... so I am. It is filled with natural grain and lavender oil. Mmmm....

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but TODAY is a day of exhaling and breathing, and peace.

Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. ~Astrid Alauda

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. ~Sylvia Plath



  1. I love your positive outlook on life, despite everything you are going through. I admire you!

  2. It's amazing to me how stress can take a toll on the body. It creeps inside of us physically for what we are feeling emotionally - I think its interesting that we are wired that way. Yet it makes sense, because our bodies are the biggest indicators of letting us know that we need something to feel better and take care of ourselves. Whether it be a doctor and some medication or just a bubble bath. I am glad that are you aware of the things you can and need to do to care for yourself when life and stress comes your way. Enjoying coffee in front of a fireplace sounds inviting and restful and I'm wishing for some of that for myself today. Love you friend.